What Does A Mother Agent Do?

Do you think like this? 

You find a Mother Agent (or they find you), then get signed with an agency and once you have an agency, you start working right away and that’s all you need to get to the top in your career. 

Or you have been modeling for awhile, it’s not going so well, and you want a Mother Agent so they can help you fix it.

If only it was that easy.  

A good MA will guide and advise you through the process of getting ready to be in the business, agency introductions, signing process and long after, sometimes as long as your career. The insight, protection, advice and responsibilities are similar to the given name MOTHER.

Look for someone you feel you can trust, because it is a special partnership of vulnerable growth and understanding. You collaborate with us as a partner, and if you are a good listener, we may be able to fix what isn’t working. And if you are new, develop you from a pretty girl to a model. 

You want an MA who suits your needs and makes you feel comfortable. One who has the knowledge to tell you what is a good idea, and what is not, and has access to introduce you to agencies in suitable markets for you. That is just the beginning.

We also work with your existing agencies to place you in other markets when the time is right. We talk to your agencies to get their feedback on how you are doing with clients, bookings and adapting to new surroundings. It is a team effort. We make calculated decisions on the timing of what is the next best move for you with the feedback from your agents. We promote you to increase your exposure worldwide.

We make sure you get paid. We review all of your contracts. We help you grow your social media. We review your options (possible jobs) and keep track of your calendar and coordinate with your agencies worldwide.

MA’s get 10% of your gross earnings, paid to them by your agency. That does not come out of your net (in pocket) but out of the agency’s commission. So we don’t make money from your modeling career until you make money.

Most brands and agencies are leaning towards models being 18 years of age, so in most cases, not all, there is a wait time before you start. Which is a good thing.

Your development years which could be 16 years to high school graduation, are not as busy as they may have been 5 years ago, because modeling full time is not a hobby. Every situation, agency and model is different so there are no hard rules here. My point is you have more time to prepare to be ready before traveling, working and getting paid.

This time gap is perfect to work with a coach or mentor to learn about the business and when it’s your moment you are ready. Don’t get thrown into it without support or knowledge. So many start too young and because they are not ready, they quit. 

A Mother Agent can help you get and maintain a great relationship with your agency, teach the best ways to communicate, and all the details on lingo and how it works. 

We have been known to take care of personal matters while you might be on an extended stay in Europe or Asia. We keep track of passport and visa requirements. We check accommodations when you are going to a foreign country and help you get answers to ANY of your questions we can’t answer.

All that being said, we empower you to be your own best business woman. We encourage you to be the one taking action just like you would in any other business, because in modeling, your business is YOU.

We maximize your efforts with insight and support while protecting you with every step you take. Wherever in the world you happen to be. 

You get the idea. The good news is we are always looking, always scouting, and always working on behalf of our models. Acting as a coach and a cheerleader on the daily.

Abbie explains her experience with The Model Coaches.