We scout all the time and search to find YOU everywhere and anywhere. We scout on social media from our accounts and on the street. Our business depends on seeking out talent and letting you and your parents know how to get the best start, the best attitude and the best knowledge. We are based in New York City and we can work with you in any city or town you live.

There are many imposters and fake scouts, especially on social media, and we advise you and your parents to be careful. Verify who you are talking to before giving out too much information. Don’t let anyone exploit your goal or dream of modeling by promising you how easy it will be. It is not easy.


We know the time between being “discovered” and “modeling” can be short or long depending on many factors. We also know that in between school, sports, and family, there is a bit of time to learn and begin modeling with an emphasis on preparation. In many businesses, like sports and acting for example, there is a driving force supporting the talent taking them from amateur to professional. With the addition of social media, you may already have fans and followers, however the development of a career is different. As personal coaches we develop your beginning steps specifically for you, and your parents, as you are ready. Kind of like a layered cake, one layer at a time, and the icing is signing with a top agency.


We can act as your Mother Agent, managing every aspect of your career, including introducing you to the top modeling agencies worldwide. We can manage the social media and conception of a special project you have created. We can assist you with the launch of a business or charity. We can coach you for a short period of time to help you change in some capacity working with your agency team.

There are many reasons models may not succeed. It could be your perception and your reluctance to change. It could be overcoming something holding you back or maybe you started too early in a large market. Mistakes, enduring hardship, being away from home, weak management, and so many other situations could hinder your progress. We can help you minimize crucial mistakes while you are learning. Every top model is not discovered with a few Instagram posts finding instantaneous success. Social Media is a great platform, and we love it, but it is not a team of people managing your choices.

Not everyone is a scam, there are some REALLY great mother agents all over the world that we support because they are excellent, and so are we.